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Submit/ FAQ

Welcome to My Food Beginning’s Submit/FAQ page. Thank you for your interest.

In order to answer questions you may have about submitting your stories with recipes, please see frequently asked questions below:

What kind of stories and recipes are you looking for?

Please visit our Story/Recipe Guidelines page, which will give you a better understanding about the type, length and style of stories and recipes we are looking for. Following our guidelines gives you the best possible chance of being selected.

If you want to see a sample story with recipe, enter your email address on the sign-up form on the right-hand side of the page.

 Who can submit?

Chefs, restaurateurs, writers, bloggers and foodies of Filipino origin living abroad or have lived abroad are invited to submit. We are committed to feature a collective work representing a cross section of Filipino food aficionados around the world.

What's the maximum word count for the story?

No more than 1,350 words

 Are multiple submissions allowed?

Yes, feel free to send more than one piece. However, we will choose only one work per contributor.
Are previously published work accepted?

We prefer previously unpublished work. However, we are open to including published stories and recipes in your own blogs or a publication with limited circulation.If your story or recipe has been previously published, please note down where and when.
Do I get paid if my work is chosen?

Unfortunately, we are not yet in a position to guarantee payment at the moment, except for a free copy of the print edition when it's published. Contributing authors’ bios will be included in the book, which gives you the benefit of exposure and publicity. Ultimately, your work is for a good cause – to help promote Filipino cuisine’s popularity worldwide.​​

When is the deadline?

The deadline for submission is Aug.21, 2016.

 How do I submit my work to be considered for My Food Beginnings Anthology?

Email your story and recipe to On the email subject header, write “Submission: ( Your Name), (Title of Work)

Ex. Subject: Submission: Maria Cruz, Tastefully Yours

In body of the email, include:

  1. Your name, email , mailing address
  2. Title of submission
  3. The Filipino food that inspired the submission

 Email your work as a Word attachment including:

  1.  Story
  2. Developed recipe

 What happens after I submit my work?

 You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours acknowledging that your email has been received. If your email address changes after you submit your story,let us know by emailing

 If your story is selected, we will notify you by email within two months from the deadline of submission and ask for your permission to print it.
Have more questions that haven’t been answered here, please Contact us.

We're looking forward to reading your contributions!